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    Top 10 Disaster Preparedness Tips (Part 2)

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    This is the second part of Top 10 Disaster Preparedness Tips. Click here for part 1.


    6. Have a kit and know how to use it

    A kit must include some basic necessities such as food, water, basic first aid supplies and other emergency equipment that you may possibly already have like flashlights and duct tape. Have this assembled and ready to use.


    7. Keep in mind people who may need special preparation

    Plan for those with special needs such as kids, infants, people with disabilities , seniors and family members in need of medication or special equipment.


    8. Prepare for your pets

    Never leave your pet behind. If possible, try to evacuate to a friend or family member’s house, as pets may not be allowed inside public shelters. Keep a pet emergency kit on hand with food and other important items. Microchipping pets helps to identify them in the event that they get lost.


    9. Learn emergency skills that can always come in handy

    Learning emergency skills can take very little time but still save lives. Some of these skills include how to use a fire extinguisher, how to perform basic first aid, how to perform CPR and even how to shut off utilities in case of a disaster involving gas, water or electrical lines.


    10. Find out how to help your community during a disaster minions

    Try to find volunteer positions with local emergency response organizations or nonprofits that are available in a huge selection of capacities.


    Let’s learn how to make a Catastrophe Survival Kit


    1. Leo | | Reply

      Great article and amazing blog! Thanks dude!

      • Catastrophe Admin | | Reply

        Thank you very much!

    2. Erica | | Reply

      do they sell pre-assembled kits or do you have to assemble them yourself?

      • Catastrophe Admin | | Reply

        Yes, everywhere. Google it.

    3. Nubi | | Reply

      Good info. I wish I’d read this before Katrina hit us. We lost two dogs and a cat. 🙁

      • Catastrophe Admin | | Reply

        Sorry to hear that, Nubi.

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