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    Top 10 Disaster Preparedness Tips (Part 1)

    Be Ready for a Catastrophe

    1. Be aware of what you’ll deal with

    Part of planning is being familiar with specifically what kind of disasters you might encounter and knowing what to do in each scenario. The challenges for someone living in California are totally different than those of living in Luisiana.


    2. Learn the evacuation routes and shelter locations of the area where you live

    This needs to be known well in advance, not when a natural catastrophe is bearing down on your home, or after a tsunami warning has been issued. Evacuation planning is pretty much commonplace, so it will be very important to know this information well ahead of time.

    3. Plan for how you’ll reconnect with people who matter to you

    It’s crucial to consider how you will get hold of your family in the event of an evacuation. Figuring this out in advance will make it easier in the event that a difficult situation arises.


    4. Sign up for emergency alerts and know how officials will communicate with you during a disaster

    It’s easy to get these on your cell phone, unless you have disabled them. This is by far the absolute best way to learn about emergencies, that is, if you are one of those individuals who are always glued to their phones. The emergency alert system also broadcasts over the radio and television, Also checking the weather channel or a weather radio can tell you the conditions of the weather ahead, 24/7. Social media can be a terrific source of information as well, but do not rely exclusively on it. Chances are that your Internet connection mey be one of the first things to drop in the event of a serious emergency.


    5. Learn what to do if you’re away from your house.

    In the scenario of a sudden unexpected emergency, you must be ready to respond from alternative areas, such as your place of work or motor vehicle.


    Disaster Preparedness Tips


    In Part 2 we’ll learn about 5 more practical tips to be ready if disaster strikes.


    1. Oscar | | Reply

      ha, makes perfect sense, yet I had never thought of many of these basic things

      • Catastrophe Admin | | Reply

        True. As they say, common sense is not always common!

    2. Jamal | | Reply

      My wife and I love your website. Clear, to the point, visually aesthetic. Thanks for all the info you publish weekly!

      • Catastrophe Admin | | Reply

        Thank you very much! Glad you like it.

    3. Marian | | Reply

      please post a list of emergency shelters all over the nation

      • Catastrophe Admin | | Reply

        We are currently working on it, but it’s a long task to put together. Hopefully, in the next two months, we’ll have something to share. Keep checking this website for updates on this.

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