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    Planning for Natural Disasters: One Step Beyond Survival

    Are you ready for a Natural Disaster?

    Are We Ready For Natural Disaster?

    We see it on TV all the time: hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods and earthquakes. You see people looking at where their house used to be; only rubble is there now. All their stuff is either gone or destroyed. I wonder how many of us think, would I be ready if this happened to me? Probably not many, we look at the disaster on TV, shake our heads, then go about our business. The thing is ALL of us live in an area where a natural disaster can occur_ Are you ready?

    The first thing to protect is your family and yourself, needless to say, human life is not replaceable. So if you’re told to evacuate do it. Know what to do in case of a fire. If you have a basement, go there right away if you see a tornado coming. Do not stop to take a video or snap a cell phone photo it may be your last. Once you have plans for personal safety it’s time to think about your stuff.

    Make sure that you have insurance coverage in sufficient amounts to rebuild your home and be sure to have enough coverage for the stuff inside. You might need additional insurance for items such as art, jewelry, and other collectables.Take videos of the items in your house, things like TV, stereo systems, etc. If you have to have flood insurance get it, your regular homeowners insurance usually does not cover floods. Make regular backups of all your important files and put that backup on an external hard drive or use a cloud backup service. Have some emergency cash that you keep in some type of waterproof bag.

    Make copies of your insurance papers and back that up to a cloud service.
    Make copies of your passport, driver license, credit and debit cards. These copies along with your insurance papers should be kept in a waterproof bag. Make a list of important phone numbers such as insurance agents, contractors, and family members. In an emergency, you might lose your cell phone.Without the phone numbers in our cell phones available at the touch of a button, I wonder how many of us would actually be able to get a hold of people we need to in the event of a natural disaster.

    In a natural disaster the voice part of your cell phone might be out of service; however, texting might still work due to less bandwidth usage.

    This article is meant to get us to start thinking about natural disaster readiness. Each of us will go about this differently. Now is the time to make a plan, don’t wait until it’s too late.


    Preparing for Natural Disasters


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