Catastrophe Readiness Clearinghouse
Readiness Begins With You!

The Catastrophe Readiness Clearinghouse provides tools to empower families, individuals, and small businesses to more effectively plan their own strategies for responding to potentially catastrophic events.

We do this by means of:

Multimedia resource collection

Online Videos, newsletters and journals (electronic and print) related to emergency preparedness and contingency planning for businesses, families, and individuals.

Materials for children and families that help parents, children, and caregivers cope with difficult and disruptive events.

Sample disaster plans from a variety of government, not-for-profit, and business entities.

Tip sheets, brochures, and pamphlets from authoritative sources – to provide individuals, families, and businesses with information on creating their own site-specific emergency preparedness and response plan.

Interactive Website linking users to:

Online resources for parents, children, businesses, and not-for-profits – downloadable articles, reports, checklists, and aids to readiness planning;

Programs, conferences, workshops, and events related to disaster preparedness and contingency planning;

Important websites devoted to disaster preparedness and response information and best practices;

Fast access to key local information on disaster preparedness and response services on Long Island.

Education, Training and Networking Opportunities

A series of community education, business, civic and family programs and trainings on strategies and planning tips for disaster preparedness and response, utilizing MCPL’s already existing networks and training venues (Family Place Libraries, Business Resource Center, Library Business Connection, Distinguished Speakers Series, Suffolk Coalition for Parents & Children).

The mission is simple: empower every individual by providing information that leads to positive action in advance of an emergency. By advancing the preparedness and resiliency of families and businesses in the Long Island regional area, communities will be safer and stronger and residents will feel a sense of empowerment that will make them better able to cope and respond in the face of a catastrophic event. The call to action is now –